A guide to White Supremacist street gang roleplay

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A guide to White Supremacist street gang roleplay

Postby Dixie » Thu Dec 26, 2019 11:39 pm

This guide won't be very detailed, and I'll add more on based on questions anyone from the community has and wants to know. Please ask any questions you may have.

Below is a list of areas you can make your white supremacist character from. You should base it on the lore, as well as the factions there at a time. Due to the lore of LS, we mainly set our factions in these areas due to the history behind them from other servers etc.

Las Colinas Valley:

This is a ghetto for all intents and purposes, low income area with low income housing and families. Not a lot of businesses still run in the area due to the crime levels and gang activity. The area is mainly occupied by southern Mexican families and gangs. Whites are the probably the second biggest ethnic group in the valley.

  • Low income area.
  • Mainly southern Mexican population.
  • Latino gang culture is mainstream
  • Skin gangs in the are are less about "Everyone who isn't white isn't right" and more about "Be proud to be white".
  • Skins mix with surenos in the area, the divide between white and mexican isn't really there.
  • Las Colinas Valley skinheads will recruit mixed race members, as long as one half is white.
  • Culture is based around hip hop and rap, not punk rock.
  • Motocross and trucks are popular in the area, typical white trash stuff.
  • Shake and bake meth is a big deal in the valley, it's done a lot and often. The hills north of the valley are covered in used bottles.
  • People talk like they're sureno gang bangers and dress like them too.
  • Kessler Park is the go-to hangout spot for local kids. It's covered in skinhead and sureno gang tags.

Santa Maria Bay:

Former beach-slum, more developed nowadays but still has working-class families living in the area. Has history of "Locals Only" and hardcore punk rock west coast culture that was most popular during the 80s but is still kind of around today. All kinds of races live in the area and it's constantly packed. The beach is hardly ever empty as it's one of the cities main tourist attractions.

  • Former low-income area turned into tourist attraction, still some working families living in the area.
  • Tourists constantly filling the streets, beaches and boardwalks.
  • As a result of the large amount of tourists, a lot of locals despise anyone who isn't local.
  • Some take it a step further and continue the "Locals Only" lifestyle.
  • Big skateboard and surfer cultures.
  • Skins in the area preach and tend to practice 'White is Right' ideologies and tend to stick to their own race.
  • General distrust for anyone that isn't white, but not to the point of lynching random passers-by.
  • The bay is famous for it's hardcore punk scene during the 80s and early 90s. It's less popular today but still alive.
  • Bolsa Park is one of the go-to hangout spots for the local kids.
  • Kids are more 'mainstream' and 'normal'. They're not rough kids who've been brought up in a rough area, they're just kids that made wrong decisions and hang out with bad people.
  • Majority of the SMB skin scene come from middle-class families.

East Beach:

The east beach is a low income south-eastern region of the city, close to south central. As a result there's a large mix of races in the area, black, mexican and some asian communities too. North East Beach is more known as an cheaper economic centre similar to Market, but south East Beach is more of a low-income area. There are a few skinheads who still claim East Beach Family Skins but the gang currently is formless and roams the city, instead of claiming any specific territory.

  • Low Income area with bordering middle-income economic area filled with shops.
  • Not many people go to south East Beach unless they're from South East Beach.
  • Quite a few gangs have come and gone, some still active, so gang life isn't foreign to the populace.
  • Prominent drug problem with a few drug dens and crack houses spotted over the area.
  • East Beach skins are similar to LCV skins in the sense that they're not openly opposed to other races.
  • East Beach Skinheads have been known to recruit mixed race members, as long as they're not black and at least half white.
  • Rap and hip hop culture driven by Mexican and Black populace.
  • Crack is a popular drug in the area, seems to be the second most popular drug in the area for skins next to meth.
  • Petty crimes such as robberies and theft are common in the area, so most people don't stick around at night.

Now, we heavily take into account prison lore and roleplay around this. Rather than idling in prison, we partake in interesting and unique roleplay ideas within the prison walls.

Brief Rundown of the White Prison Gang Lore:
San Andreas replaces California. There is no California in our game world. The state is not an island, instead it takes place on the southwest where California is. The Aryan Brotherhood, Mexican Mafia, Nuestra Familia, and Black Guerilla Family are the top 4 major prison gangs in the state. Each of them are responsible for their own race/group of people. The AB was founded during the 1960s in Whetstone State Prison. Whetstone State Prison is our version of San Quentin State Prison. The AB sit on top of the white gang hierarchy, the Nazi Low Riders and Public Enemy Number 1 sit second, third is where the rest of the gangs fall. The state's prison scene is the same as the one in California; it has one of the highest inmate populations in the country, prisons are overcrowded, drug addiction is a serious problem, there's gang violence. In 1990, the AB was classified as a prison gang and their members were put in solitary confinement. In 1999, the NLR was classified as a prison gang and their members were put in solitary confinement. In 2015, per an agreement reached with the department of corrections, after hunger strikes and a lawsuit against the state, all prison gang members were released back on the general population yards.

Prisons & Jails in San Andreas:
San Andreas Correctional Center (SACC), San Andreas Correctional Institution (SACI), Whetstone State Prison (WSP), Oscar Lake Correctional Facility (OLCF), Ironlake State Prison (ISP), Cremenas Correctional Facility (CCF), High Desert State Prison (HDSP), San Andreas Correctional Facility (SACF), Octane Springs State Prison (OSSP), Swan Bay State Prison (SBSP), Los Santos County Jail (LSCJ), Red County Jail (RCJ), Flint County Jail (FCJ), San Fierro County Jail (SFCJ), High Desert Detention Facility (HDDF), Whetstone County Jail (WCJ), Tierra Robada County Jail (TRCJ)

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