[TUTORIAL] How to change crosshair in your GTA SA

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[TUTORIAL] How to change crosshair in your GTA SA

Postby Tristian » Sun Dec 15, 2019 1:56 pm

Hello there. I didn't saw anywhere on forum that there is tutorial for this, so I decided to write one. It's not that hard to import some other crosshair into your GTA San Andreas, and a lot of people know how to do that, but, this is for those who still don't know how to do that. And trust me, there is a lot of them, including me. Image

Needed program(s)]

Only program you will need to install if you want to change your crosshair is TXD Workshop.
You can download it by clicking HERE

How to?

1. First, you need to install TXD Workshop. After installing it, you can extract whole file on desktop and place it in another folder if you want. It looks more organized by doing that.
2. Second, find crosshair you want online. I use this site - http://crosshairs.cali-kartell.de/ and there is a lot good looking crosshairs that you can use.
3. When you found crosshair you want to place in your GTA, save image of it. (on site that's in step 2. you just need to click on crosshair you want and it saves to you automaticly )
4. Open TXD Workshop and then follow these steps:
TXD Workshop -> File -> Open -> Rockstar games (place where your GTA is located) -> models -> hud.txt
5. When you do that, select fourth file (click on it). [SS]
6. After you clicked on it, now, click on Import button which is above.
7. Select the picture of the crosshair you downloaded.
8. After you did that, click on Save TXD and exit from TXD Workshop.

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