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Project Reality Game Rules

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Project Reality In Game Rules

1. Civility
This can be otherwise stated as, "play nice." It should cover every sort of mean-spirited thing that players can do to each other. We are all here to have fun, and each and every player should try and think before they say or do certain things.

Do not engage in name-calling, bad attitudes, OOC insults, racism, hate speech, spam, excessive caps lock, griefing, trolling, provoking, harassment, insulting each other in different languages, threatening etc;
Apologize if you accidentally lag-P.I.T someone or disrupt their roleplay because of an OOC mistake. Be courteous and fair when playing here.


1. Bob calls Jeff an "idiota" in out of character chat, knowing that the other players around do not speak Spanish.

2. Bob parks his vehicle on Jeff's vehicle spawn point, knowing he might be able to flip Jeff's car if he spawns it.

3. Bob constantly tells people to "screw off" in OOC chat because he is having a bad day.

4. Bob is having internet issues and accidentally lags into a group of roleplayers. He just says "lol" in OOC chat before driving away.

5. Bob decides it would be funny to RP masturbating in a public place to annoy the other players around him.

6. Bob drives up to a group of roleplayers and calls them racial slurs in an attempt to get them to chase him.
Punishment can range from a verbal warning to server ban depending on the severity of the transgression.

2. Chat
All chatting functions are in character unless bracketed with double parenthesis like this - (( Chat )). All OOC chat should be relegated to /b and /pm.
Do not apply brackets to any of the in character chatting methods, including radios, cellphones, megaphones, loudspeakers, SAN News and Radio Los Santos broadcasts, etc.


Bob approaches Jeff and says, "Hey, I am looking for some toys (( Guns ))."

Do not use any internet shortcuts (such as lol, btw, gg, qt, smiley faces) while typing In Character chat. The only exception is while using the in game cellphone text message/ SMS function.

Example of improper usage: Bob asks Jeff, "how 2 find the DMV lol."

Example of proper usage: Jeff uses the SMS cellphone function, "Hey bob, where r u? [Sender: Jeff 432478]

All IC chat must be in English. Slang may be used in the case of multilingual characters, but full non-english sentences are permitted. To roleplay speaking another language, use a language bracket, such as [Spanish].

Example: Me gusta Los Santos mucho! should be, "[Spanish] I like Los Santos a lot!"
Slang example: What's up, amigo?
Punishments are typically verbal warnings given by administrators. Continuous misuse of the chat function may result in an admin jail and/or a temporary ban while administrators determine your understanding of IC/OOC.

3. Deathmatch
Deathmatch is the act of killing another player for little to no reason. Killing is a serious subject and your roleplay should reflect that.

This includes Revenge Killing which is when you attempt to kill a player who has recently killed you. Your memory of recent events is wiped out upon death, so you are unable to remember who killed you.
However, if the LSFD manages to save you from dying you are able to carry out the revenge roleplay.

You are also not allowed to kill or attack any on-duty LSFD member.

You may not take assassination contracts or "hits" from other players. Receiving payment solely for the act of killing another person is prohibited. Money must not be a major factor in your decision to kill someone.
If you wish to roleplay a hitman or assassin (or create a faction of them) you must acquire lead admin approval.

If you are caught death matching by an admin and you are admin jailed the admin has the ability to request or have your weapon license removed and can ban you from obtaining a weapon for a certain amount of time.

Examples of DM:

1. Bob pulls out a gun and shoots Jeff because he is bored.

2. Bob is a crip and Jeff is a blood. Even though the two characters have never had any interaction, Bob decides to kill Jeff for being a blood.

3. A man approaches Bob and pays him 1000$ to kill Jeff. Bob accepts the contract and assassinates Jeff despite having no prior roleplay with either player.
Death matchers are given hefty admin jail sentences and access to weapons are restricted for 72 hours. Repeated or severe offenses result in a ban.

4. Metagame
Metagaming is defined as using out of character information for in character purposes. Your character must discover and learn all pertinent information via in character sources.

Voice over programs such as team speak and skype are considered OOC chat, and using them as IC methods (for example, using team speak as if its a cellphone) is prohibited for all players.
The exception for this rule is Law Enforcement factions. (Read Teamspeak rules regarding this matter.)


1. Bob sees Jeff's name above his head and roleplays knowing his name.

2. Jeff tells Bob over TeamSpeak that he is being robbed at the airport. Jeff meta-gaming in this case. If Bob shows up to help, he is also meta-gaming.

3. Bob is being questioned about a crime, and Bob tells the cops all of the details about the crime because he saw everything in a screenshot on the forums.

4. Bob PMs Jeff saying, "I am going to kill you when you come outside your house." Jeff is meta-gaming if he then alters his roleplay according to what he just learned in OOC chat.
The Punishment for meta-game is time in admin jail. In cases of extreme meta-game, temporary bans will be given. If a large amount of people from a specific faction are guilty of meta-gaming that faction may face closure.

5. Powergame
Powergaming covers three different parts of RP; roleplaying things that are impossible or unrealistic, forcing your roleplay onto another person, or making up RP situations for the benefit of your character without any of the negative consequences.


1. Bob attempts to roleplay being a ninja. When another player attempts to attack him, he does "/me does a back-flip to dodge the punch and leaps over a nearby building to safety."

2. Bob approaches Jeff and types, "/me quickly grabs Jeff's neck and instantly chokes him to death."

3. Cops are searching Bob and find a gun on him. He explains that he doesn't actually have the gun on him and he "RP" stored it in his house earlier.**

4. Bob roleplays as a police officer. He uses /do to roleplay an NPC civilian who tells him pertinent information about a murder case he is working on. He then arrests a player according to what the NPC he created told him.

**You cannot "RP" store items somewhere else and keep them on your person. You must actually use the appropriate script-storage.
Punishment for powergaming is time in admin jail and a verbal correction.

6. Always Roleplay Realistically
Except for admins and helpers on duty, every player must be "In Character" at all times. There is no 'going OOC' unless an admin has requested it.
Do not stop or slow down roleplay, attempt to stall, or use excessive /b or other OOC chat, and do not use certain script functions to replace your roleplay.
Attempt to make your roleplay as realistic as possible while in game. This rule includes, but is not limited to:

-Using /q or force crash to avoid roleplay

-"Ninja Jacking" or using no /me when pulling another player from their vehicle

-Running someone over without proper use of /me or /do

-Unrealistic vehicle usage, such as doing 140 KPH on city streets, bicycle jumping onto buildings, doing insane or unrealistic motorcycle jumps during police chases, or avoiding car crash RP with simple things like "/do Saved by Seat belt"

-Placing unrealistic advertisements (such as "selling a book about eagles with 50 pages")

-RPing large weapons in small bags (shotgun in a backpack, AK in a suitcase, etc.)

-Excessive swimming with no fatigue or other negative effects

-Killing yourself to avoid roleplay

You are allowed to use /accept death when people are roleplaying with your body unless those players are part of the LSPD or LSFD.

Punishment for not roleplaying or avoiding roleplay is admin jail. Always continue roleplaying even if you feel the other party is doing a poor job, and use /report or take screenshots and report them on the forums.
Continued instances of non-roleplay may result in a temporary ban from the server.

7. Hacking, Cheating, Bug abusing, and exploits.
Third party modifications that give your character unfair advantages are forbidden to use on this server, and players should not have them installed or in use when connecting to the game mode.
Examples of this include health hacks, armor hacks, aimbot, speed hacks, and scripts to avoid the AFK timers.

Using skin mods that do not resemble the original skin (such as making normal skins very small to avoid being hit as easy during gun fights) is an exploit and also forbidden.
Abusing server bugs for personal gain is, again, forbidden.

Cam Hack is allowed for filming and screenshots with admin approval. The ELM Cleo is allowed for LSPD and LSFD use only. Cleo stream fix is allowed for players who have issues streaming mapped objects.
Keybinders are allowed as long as they are not used excessively to replace actual typed roleplay.

You are required to report other players who you know are bug abusing, cheating, hacking, or exploiting. They ruin the experience for everyone involved, and not reporting them will cause you to face punishment as well.
Always report bugs to the bug report section.

You are not allowed to disturb or provide any information on how to get cheats.
Punishment for cheating is a ban from the game server.

8. Abusing GTA:SA physics
Do not abuse game physics in order to give yourself an advantage. This most commonly applies to bunny hopping (repeatedly jumping to go faster), but also covers the C-bug (crouching and un crouching rapidly to shoot faster);
G-bugging into a locked car, hiding from pursuers in non-solid houses or broken seams in the game world, using vending machines or stored items to heal yourself during an active fight;
Up-tapping on motorcycles, abusing house mapping, car parking, vehicle surfing**, and using the instant knife kill**.

**You are not allowed to car surf on vehicles and "RP" there is an extra seat in the vehicle (or that you are in the trunk). You are allowed to sit in the back of pickup trucks and boats to ride and use weapons.
You may have one person surfing on a bike RPing as if he was riding on the bike pegs. You must also be fair when using the instant-kill knife cut. The roleplay must be fair and realistic when it is used.
Punishment for this rule is usually a warning and/or a slap. If your physics abuse results in the death or loss of items of another player, you will be admin jailed.

9. /me, /do, and /ame
Roleplay centers around the commands of /me, /do, and /ame. "/me" is used to explain your characters actions, such as "/me claps his hands."
/do is used to describe a scene of roleplay, and may include your character's part in that scene, such as "/do Jeff sits in the dark room and counts out the money on the table."
/ame only makes the text appear above your character's head, and is typically used for minor instances of roleplay such as clothing descriptions or minor character ticks, like "/me coughs into his hands."
Never use /ame to describe actions against another player or taking out weapons.

You have to use one of these commands to describe everything you do, especially for things like taking out weapons*(See rule 22) or attacking another player.
The way you type and describe things is the backbone of roleplay, so make sure to really pay attention to how you type and word your /me, /do, and /ame commands.
While not everything requires the use of one of these commands (such as running or driving) it is considered common roleplaying courtesy to provide a /me or a /do to explain when your character does something.

Never compound too many actions into a single /me. Make sure your /me and /do commands are fair for everyone involved.
Doing something like, "/me stands up and dusts himself off" is a fair /me, whereas, "/me stands up and dusts himself off and then quickly sprints away before hopping the fence" is not. Make sure your descriptions and roleplay are fair for all parties involved.
Remember to continue to roleplay even if you feel the other party is being unfair, and take screenshots and report the incident to the admins.

/do is NOT the medium to contest things that happen in roleplay. Never do things like "/do I was too far away lol, you couldn't hit me" or "/do I did, I will report you if you don't roleplay back."
If you need clarification on something that happened in an RP situation, attempt to contact the other party via OOC chat. Using internet shortcuts in /me, /do, or /ame is still against the rules.
Punishment for misuse of these commands often violates multiple rules, which typically results in admin jail.

10. Interaction with Admins
Admins are volunteers that have been appointed by management to help enforce the rules and resolve issues that may arise. Feel free to private message admins at any time with questions, comments, or concerns.
But also understand that they are typically pretty busy, and may not be able to respond to you at all times. Do not use /report or /helpme as a medium to talk to an admin or staff member.
You may be kicked from the server if this occurs.

If you are in need of admin assistance you can also use /ra which will send a message to all admins online.

You are not allowed to ignore or lie to an admin in OOC chat. You must follow their instructions, and respond to them when they ask. All admin instructions are final whether or not they are stated in the rules.
They can void roleplay, ask for re-dos, and instruct roleplayers to leave an area. Do not insult them or tell them how to do their job.
Treat them with respect as you should with any player.

If you feel an admin has abused his or her position, take screenshots and immediately report them in the "Staff Related Complaint" section of the forums.
If a administrator broke a rule simply use /report or report them at the normal complaint forum like any other player.
Not listening to admin instructions can result in multiple punishments, such as being admin jailed or temporarily banned.

11. Greenzones
Greenzones are the nickname for areas of Los Santos where blatant criminal activity is prohibited. These are areas where law enforcement would be ubiquitous in real life, and committing large obvious crimes there would be immediately halted.
It is immersion breaking and unrealistic for crimes to happen in these areas. Alternatively, these areas might be hot spots for new players becoming adjusted to life on PR-RP.

Do not engage in violent roleplay such as robberies, murder, fist fights, rape, scams, threats, and general harassment at any time while playing in or around the following areas:

-Perishing Square (including City Hall & The LSPD)

-The Airport

-The Hospitals

-On scripted job icons (except pizza stack job)

-Radio Los Santos

-SAN News

-Santa Maria Pier

-Fishing shop

Temporary Green zones are areas where blatant criminal activity is prohibited during day-time only. The following areas are temporary green zones -

-The Jefferson Church
-Idlewood Gas Station and Pizza Stack
-The Vehicle Dealerships and Rental Locations
-The Bank

Night-time criminal activity is allowed in these locations. Night time is between 21:00 to 6:00 IC time.

Since Idlewood Pizza Stack is a job location and the area is considered a temporary zone, the job zone for pizza stack is also considered a temporary zone instead.

In the case that violent roleplay begins in an alternate location and leads to one of the green zoned areas, the roleplay is allowed to continue.
It becomes an IC matter for IC law enforcement to handle. These are not meant to be OOC safe-zones for people. The Green zone rule applies to wherever the victim of the crime is when it occurs.

For example you cannot stand outside of a green zone and use a long range weapon to kill someone that is standing in the green zone.
Non-violent crime, such as bribery, can still occur inside green zones. Green zones include all interiors within the associated areas.
Committing violent acts in these zones results in admin jail.

12. Robbery, Scams, Theft, and Extortion
OOC Scamming, robbery, theft, and extortion is forbidden on PR-RP.
You cannot threaten or deceive someone through OOC means in an attempt to gain in character currency from them, because that means you received payment through non-RP methods.
You can perform these actions IC, but there are a few limitations:

All players involved must be 20TLS or higher.

You may not take anymore than $5,000 in a robbery and $10,000 in a scam.

You may only rob two people in a 24 hour period, this includes anybody involved in the robbing. So if you help a friend rob someone than you also robbed them.

You cannot extort (or "tax") players or their businesses/factions for more than $10,000 in a single week.

Robberies are violent activities that involve force or intimidation, such as aiming a gun at someone and demanding all of their cash or telling someone to pay you money for you to not hurt their family.
Extortion is similar, except recurring payment is required to avoid harm. Scams are dishonest schemes divided to trick someone out of their money, such as offering to take a player's money and invest it but never return with the cash.
Theft is stealing items from other people. There is no limit to the amount of items, weapons, or drugs you can take from other players.
The limits apply only to cash payment.

Please note that killing a player you have just stolen from for "no witnesses" is considered death match. You must have a good reason to execute someone post-robbery, theft, extortion, or scam. You are also not permitted to rob, scam, steal from, or extort on-duty LSFD members.
Punishment for breaking these rules results in an admin jail and the return of the goods you stole.

13. Advertising, avoiding punishment, and proxies.
Do not advertise other servers anywhere on PR-RP that includes speaking about them in any way. Do not change your IP in order to ban evade or avoid any other punishment set forth by the staff team.
And because ping and latency matters in this online video game, we see no reason to allow proxies, VPNs, or anonymous IP address to access the game server or forums.

You are allowed to use a VPN or proxy to access the game server if you are over 25 TLS, but only if you are unable to connect to the game server or remain connected on your home network. You are not allowed to use it for privacy reasons.

You must explain why you need to use a VPN or proxy if asked by a staff member, you are also required to use your original IP on the forums and must keep your UCP forum-name up too date.
If you do not have a forum account or a existing IG account with at least 25 TLS you are not allowed to use a VPN or proxy.

You cannot register or use a account under TLS 25 with a VPN or proxy.
Breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban.

14. Money Transferring/Farming, Account Exchange, and profiting from PR-RP goods
It is against the rules to money farm in any way, and you may not transfer goods and money between your characters or accounts. You also may not exchange or transfer accounts with anyone, including friends and siblings.
None of this is allowed unless you have permission from a lead admin.

It is also forbidden to sell or profit in any way off of PR-RP. You cannot trade something in real life for in game vehicles, donation packages, money, specific RP situations, application help, etc.

Your account is your responsibility. Do not allow younger siblings access to your account or password. If they log in and get banned for hacking or rule breaking, it is your fault for not taking better care of your account.

Change your password if you fear for the security of your account.


1. Bob has an awesome skin mod that Jeff wants. Bob sells Jeff the skin mod for $5,000 in game cash.

2. Bob is good at filling out the PR-RP application, so he creates accounts and sells them to people for money.

3. Bob donates for donation packages and sells them to people for in game cash.
Anyone caught selling, exchanging, or profiting from PR-RP goods will have the account(s) in question permanently banned.

15. Explicit Roleplay
Sexual roleplay must always have prior OOC agreement by the parties involved before the roleplay continues.
Due to the graphic and disturbing nature of this roleplay it can sometime cause real life unease and displeasure, and players are not allowed to spring this kind of graphic content on others without proper warning and consent..

Even after consent is given, either party can revoke their consent and stop the roleplay if they begin to feel uncomfortable.
Explain to the other roleplayer your feelings and work out a way to either skip the scene (such as a simple /do describing what occurred WITHOUT graphic content) or void the roleplay that occurred.
Punishment for this rule break can range from a hefty admin jail to a temporary ban.

16. Away from Keyboard
Players are permitted to pause the game (via the ESC button or Alt-Tab) and go "AFK" inside private interiors for as long as they want.
It is against the rules to go AFK during any sort of roleplay or while an admin is attempting to get your attention.

AFKing without pausing the game will result in a kick from the server. AFKing in the middle of roleplay or admin interaction will result in an admin jail.
Using third party scripts or holding down your key to move your character to avoid the AFK timer will result in a server ban.
17. Non-RP Names
All players must have realistic names. They must follow the Firstname_Lastname format. Players are not allowed to have the following:

-Famous Names that are widely recognized in popular culture, such as Michael_Jackson or James_Woods.

-Joke Names such as Hugh_Jass, Piston_Yu, or Mike_Hock.

-Popular fictional names such as Walter_White, Carl_Johnson, or Patrick_Star.

-Historical Figures like George_Washington, Martin_King, or Winston_Churchill.

-Real names that are typically used to troll, such as naming a character "Dick" instead of Richard.

Players are allowed to use common names that may conflict with these rules as long as those names are not completely seeped in popular culture. For example Will_Smith would not be allowed, but John Smith would.
Players with unrealistic names will be required to either create a new character or pay for a name change.

18. Rulebreakers
Use /report to report all rule-breakers, or take screenshots and fill out a "Report A Player" form. Never break rules because someone else did, as you will be at fault for the rules you have broken.
If you feel something unfair is happening then you must take screenshots and talk to an admin about it.

It is the duty of the players on PR-RP to report rule-breaking and poor roleplay whenever possible. We all have to do our part to keep undesirable players out and make sure this is a place where everyone can enjoy themselves.
Players who are found to be regular rule-breakers may find themselves banned from the server no matter how minor their last offense was.


1. Bob feels like the cops are meta-gaming and have no reason to arrest him, so he decides to use /q to get away from them.

2. Bob is being punched by someone and he does not know why, so he takes out his gun and kills that player.

3. Bob sees another player using speed hacks while no admins are on. He hops in the hacker's car and rides with him without reporting him while the hacker speeds around the server, despite Bob not hacking himself.
You will receive the appropriate punishment for whichever rule you broke, or whichever rule you attempted to hide. This may also include charges of OOC lying, which can range from longer admin jail to a temporary ban.

19. Roleplay Standards
Roleplay standards are rules that are to be standard when it comes to role-playing on our server.
Standards include roleplaying your death, roleplaying that someone is knocked out in a fight or brawl and not actually killing them, and one action only per roleplay command when involving another player.

Other standards include if you role-play dead with LSFD and will not accept a receive you are automatically accepting a PK, If your vehicle is being role-played with such as LSPD towing it you are not allowed to de-spawn it.
You must always role-play switching and taking off your licenses plate on your vehicles.


1. Bob gets killed by a rival gang member and decides because it isn't a LSPD or LSFD member who killed him he doesn't have to RP and decides to accept death without roleplay. Bob is in the wrong because you must always roleplay your death.

2. Bob gets killed by Eric and Bob believes Eric DMed, so he decides not to roleplay his death and instead accepts death. Bob is in the wrong for not role-playing at all times no matter what.

3. Eric gets into a gang brawl against Bob and Bob falls with (/crack) and Eric decides to kill him anyways knowing that hes knocked out. Eric is in the wrong for killing a knocked out person.

4. Bob writes a /me pulls out his gun from his waist and aims the gun to Erics head and pulls the trigger. Bob is in the wrong for doing two actions towards Eric.

5. Bob writes a /me grabs his car keys from his pocket and unlocks his vehicle sticking his keys back into his pocket. Bob is okay because the three actions aren't towards another player.

20. Fights and Brawls
A brawl is a scenario where players engage in using the attack button(s) in the game to throw multiple punches; a fight is a roleplay scenario completely described with the use of /me and /do.
Brawls are initiated by two players, the first player is to write a /me of throwing multiple punches/kicks/slaps(such as "/me approaches Firstname Lastname, throwing multiple punches towards his face"); and the second player accepts the brawl by roleplaying throwing multiple punches back.

However, if the player doesn't roleplay throwing multiple punches/kicks/slaps back, the brawl had been declined; meaning that the rest of the roleplay situation must be completed by single actions per roleplay command as a fight.
If the first player only writes a /me involving a singular punch/kick/slap, then the player has initiated a fight; rather than a brawl.

During fights, the player does not use the attack button after writing a /me; instead they are expected to roleplay all fight-induced injuries.

If another player was to join a brawl, they must first roleplay multiple punches/kicks/slaps and can join right away.

Also, "/me rushes Firstname_Lastname" is NOT roleplaying any form of attack, the use of the word "rushes" is completely voided and is not a word for attacking another player.


1. **John Smith throws his first towards Bob's jaw, sending a powerful punch** - John Smith has initiated a fight(not a brawl), where Bob would have to roleplay the punch and/or fighting back.

2.**John Smith leans towards Bob, throwing multiple punches towards him** - John Smith has initiated a brawl, where Bob can either choose to accept the brawl (Roleplay throwing multiple punches back), or just roleplay the punches and/or fighting back with a singular punch.**

3.**John Smith rushes Bob** - John Smith can now be given a /slap by an administrator because "rushes" isn't accepted in this matter.

21. Using /mask and facial covering.
1. The mask (inventory item) is an OOC item, this means that once someone is wearing a mask this is OOC and does not require an object. Just using /mask means that one's face is not covered, it also means that if you know this individual you will still recognize him. (It's the same person, just without their name tag.)

2. Covering your face with an item (without mask) means your facial area is unrecognizable. People can't see your face even though they can see your name tag. Unless you've told someone who you are they should not be able to recognize you, if they for some reason do say your name or recognize you, this will be classed as meta gaming.

3. Covering your face with an item (with mask) is the same as number 2, how ever they can't see your name tag either, you are still unrecognizable.
Punishment for misuse of the /mask command or metagaming someone through a mask (facial covering item) may result in administrative imprisonment.

22. Rules regarding weapons.
*( Addon to rule 9)Taking out small weaponry does not require a /me, or /ame, how ever we do recommend the usage of role play commands to make it easier for others to respond to your actions.
Examples of small weaponry are knives, M1911, Desert Eagle, extendable batton and other items in that size range. Items like shotguns, bats and assault rifles should always be role played properly.

1. If a weapon or item is visible on you, or your screen. It's visible for everyone, if you wish to have an item covered up (for example, a shot gun) you'll have to purchase an object from a binco. This object has to completely cover the weapon for it to be covered RPly.
Claiming an item is covered without having an actual item on you, covering a weapon while there's none is classed as power gaming and may result in an administrative imprisonment.

2. An administrator will not revive you when a enemy or ally takes your gun away, the only reason an administrator will revive you to give your gun is to either give it to the fire department or police department.

Punishment for the misuse of weapons may result in an administrative imprisonment, removal of the weapon and being forbidden to use weapons for a period of time.

23. Complexes
1. Moving in to a complex means you agree with a set terms being role played by the complex owner, meaning you'll have to role play interaction with the complex owner from time to time.

2. A complex owner has the right to evict anyone from his complex for any reason unless a proper contract has been made between the two parties.

3. A complex owner has the ability to set up terms that are required to be followed by the occupants of the properties in the complex.

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