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Project Reality Forum Rules

Postby PR-RP » Fri Dec 06, 2019 2:14 pm

Project Reality Forum Rules
1. Be friendly, respectful and behave properly against other members of the community. Any form of harassment, racism or discriminatory will not be tolerated here.

2. Keep on-topic, and use the section that is related to your content. Bear in mind that spamming and double posting is strictly against the forum rules.

3. English is the only language allowed on the forums, exceptions are the non-English sections.

4. Discussions about piracy, terrorism or political items are not allowed here on our forum.

5. No illegal material, such as Warez or downloads to copyrighted and/or pirated items.

6. No Advertising other servers other websites besides Mod/Upload or SA-MP related sites, you need permission from an admin to post a website link if it does not involve any of those listed.

7. It's strictly against the rules to post pictures, or provide any kind of private information of other individuals that are a part of this community. This also counts when it comes to NSFW content.

8. No Forum Clans allowed. This includes tags before or after your name on the forums.

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